Tuesday 30 October 2012

kathryn and jared

Last Friday I went on a photo shoot with Kathryn and Jared - Kathryn being the sister of Brittany - in Hamilton at Church Hill Park. It was a super chill shoot as we only decided on the location last minute due to the rain and general dreariness outside. I remember seeing a photo a friend took of the park recently and decided we had to go down there. Well the park didn't disappoint as it was absolutely stunning with bright yellow leaves everywhere and the trees sheltered us from the rain.

Anytime I go out on a shoot, I always do my research to get ideas for angles and poses. I even make sketches that are so poorly drawn that I end up writing a paragraph explaining the drawing just to embed it into my brain. I was set on breaking my boundaries and pushing myself with this shoot so I can grow and learn from experience. It's so nice when you're working with great people who are willing to accommodate this, so big thanks to Jared and Kathryn!

I hope my growth as a photographer has translated into this photo set. I tried different poses, did a 180 on my editing style and visualized the end result before shooting. I'll be doing a blog post soon on my change in editing style and how I go about editing, so watch out for that. So till then, enjoy.


I've been having some issues with monitor calibration so I hope the colours look as good on your monitor as they do on mine. Urgh, the technicalities of photography -_-

Thursday 25 October 2012

running free

This past Sunday, I had the opportunity to photograph one of my good friends, Alison. She wanted some shots of her running and I was more than happy to accept this offer. We hit up the Guelph Arboretum to capture the Autumn colours so we could have a scenic backdrop. Due to time constraints we could only scout out a few locations but they were beautiful nonetheless. The whole shoot happened on a whim but I'm extremely happy with the results and hope each image invokes a love for running. I can't wait to try out another running photo shoot as it really shows you the importance of getting creative and finding that perfect angle.

Check out a higher quality diptych over here.