Sunday 11 December 2011

a time of reflection

Today was a really hard day for me, my grandmother past away from an (un)expected blood clot. She had been suffering from a couple of mini strokes and was placed in the hospital but was on her way to a full recovery. However, bright and early this morning I heard a banging on my window from my father who came to pick me up and let me know she had passed away.

I truly realized today how much photography means to me. It's really helped me cope this night and has made me produce one of my favorite photos to date so far. When I first took this picture, I hated the blown out windows but now I realize it's perfect because it could symbolize many things. I love the way the light reflects off the couple and the love in their eyes. I hope all the best for my grandmother wherever she may be. Rest in peace.

"A Perfect Meeting"

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